Price: $36.00
Family HD is a special cake with a photo on it and from inside you can choose the taste you like even chocolate, vanilla or half chocolate and the ...
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Price: $40.00
Berry Bouquet Seasonal is a special combo (Just available in the strawberry season) for your loved ones, it's a small size cake,16cm, with white sp...
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Price: $25.00
Farwlita is a strawberry cake full of the freshness of strawberry cream and decorated with chocolate frame.
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Price: $35.00
White Heart is a lovely cake to express your feelings, it's covered with a special kind of white chocolate and layers of sponge cake and vanilla cr...
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Price: $33.00
Forest fruits is a cake with mixed taste fruits and chocolate black forest on flower shape, it's tasty and elegant for all occasions.
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Choco Fruits
chocolate and vanilla cake with nuts